Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Paper Bird

Yesterday I made this paper bird with my daughter.  She made a pink one and the one that is pictured is going with a Valentine's gift for her teacher.  I saw this craft idea at Joann Craft Store.  You can find the instructions and template under the projects section at their website.
I wanted the embossed look like the project suggests so I used a set of Fiskars texture templates.  These are really fun to play with for kids too.  My daughter thought it was pretty neat to use with her coloring book.  The paper I used is a color core paper so it has two different colors if you manipulate it.

I went ahead and embossed it. Then I used sandpaper on the embossing to get the second color to come through the paper. 

Next, I cut out the pieces for the bird and assembled it using small brads.  I'm hoping I can get it to work with the Valentine's present for her teacher.  I'll show you a picture of it all next week.


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