Monday, February 21, 2011

President's Day Hats

Here is a fun kid's craft for President's day.  My daughter came home from preschool last week with a George Washington hat and I thought it would be fun to make an Abraham Lincoln hat.  Here she is in her George Washington hat.

To make the Abraham Lincoln hat all you need is black construction paper, a paper plate, tape and glue.  I used black paper plates since I had them on hand, but you could use white and paint it black.  Cut a hole out the center of the plate to fit your child's head. 

Next tape two pieces of construction paper together, lengthwise.  I used 3 pieces of construction paper and taped them all together to form a tube.

Now you need the glue to attach the construction paper tube to the paper plate.

Trying to keep the hat balanced on her head.  

My daughter thought our dog needed to try on the hat as well.   


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