Monday, September 29, 2014

Robot Scarf

My son is obsessed with anything with robots. I asked him what kind of scarf he wanted, you guessed it, ROBOTS! I'm still a fairly new knitter, but am all for trying something new. The technique I needed to learn to complete this scarf was double knitting with 2 colors. He chose blue and orange which definitely makes the robots pop on each side. It took me awhile to get the hang of double knitting and there is definitely some mistakes, but my son doesn't seem to notice. He can't wait to use his new robot scarf this winter.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Knitted Pouf

I know you have seen the poufs or stuffed ottomans lately in the stores and magazines. I have been admiring the knitted version and decided to try it out. It was a super fast knit with giant knitting needles. I found the pattern on Ravelry and it is called Puff Daddy.

The tricky part was stuffing the pouf. I ended up doing what some of the other knitters suggested and bought a down comforter to use as stuffing. Thank you Ikea for having a sale on comforters! I also wanted the pouf to hold its shape and wrapped it up very tightly in a jersey knit before putting it in the pouf. The knit color I used to wrap the comforter was similar to the yarn, but gave it just enough contrast. I'm pretty pleased with it! Beware, if you have kids it will become their favorite place to sit.

School Bus Painting

I was commissioned to make a set of 3 paintings for a little boy's room. They liked my firetruck and backhoe painting, but wanted to add one more vehicle to the group. We went with a yellow school bus. I think it turned out pretty great! I've listed it on Etsy for future orders and have already found it on a couple treasury lists. How cool!

Here is what all 3 look like together.

Batman Logo Painting

In addition to making a Batman crib mobile for my friend I also included a coordinating painting with the Batman logo and her son's name.

Batman Crib Mobile

I just recently made a crib mobile for a sweet friend who is expecting a baby boy. She was looking for something very specific, Batman. I looked for some examples on Etsy and was able to make something similar as a gift for my friend. Please, ignore the loose ribbons hanging. I wanted to leave her some length so she could adjust how low or high she wanted to hang the Batman logos.

I even tried my hand at felting some beads to add to the mobile. 

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Cast Art

Never thought I'd be painting on a cast, but since my son broke his arm I gave it try. The first cast I painted a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle on his arm.

The second cast I tested my skills and painted Batman. He wanted me to position it closer on the inside of his arm so he could look at it. He was so excited to have a cast that had his favorite characters.