Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Skinny kid - Part 2

I showed you how I lengthened my daughter's pants because she grows in length faster than anything, but now I'm going to show you how I adjust her waistband.  If I buy her the size pants that fit her in length they will inevitably fall right off of her waist to the floor.  Recently, we went shopping for athletic shorts for soccer and I bought the extra small and of course when she tried them on they fell right off.  Poor thing, what a curse to have, haha.
I fixed them by putting two darts in the back of her waistband.  This is beyond easy.  Why mess with putting safety pins in when you can just fix it for good.  The easiest way is to turn the pants inside out and have them try them on.  Then pinch in two places on the backside of the waist.  I usually do it about an inch and half from the middle seam on either side.

Now just sew it closed.

You will need to make sure you angle it.  Here's a picture showing the angle with the contrasting thread.

Now we are ready for some soccer!


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