Thursday, May 5, 2011

Derby Day Hat

We had a sick day today at home and my kids are not the type that lounge around when they are sick.  So, I had to keep my daughter busy.  We decided to make a hat.  It started out as a Cinco de Mayo hat, but turned out looking more like a hat you would wear to the Kentucky Derby.
All you need to do is take a piece of craft paper, white or brown and shape onto your child's head.  To keep it in wrap the crown with masking tape.  I didn't have regular masking tape on hand, so I found some painter's tape to use instead.  Once it is secure you can trim the edges in a circular shape and let the artist takeover.   She had a great time painting and decorating her hat and it kept her busy for a little while.

Then she found out how the hat flies around when she spins. 

Then we ended the day with breaking the remaining cascarones that we had left over from Easter. You'd never think she was sick from looking at these pictures.  


  1. I should have had you make my derby hat instead of buying one... :)
    PS Oakley is adorable laughing while breaking the cascarone

  2. Lily would have been happy to decorate one for you. :) Then you could have your name on it. Oakley loved the cascarones and was cracking up the whole time.