Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Birthday Purse

We have a few birthday parties this weekend and I wanted to make a little something special for the girls for their birthday.  What?  You are surprised that it isn't an apron?  I know, but think I've outfitted every 4 and 5 year old girl in the Houston area with an apron.  So, I opted to make a purse and I found the perfect bag to make from Made by Rae.  The buttercup bag is the perfect size for these soon to be 5 year old girls. The pattern is available through Rae's blog for free.  I have to say that it was a great pattern and very easy to follow.  Thanks Rae!  It also uses very little fabric and I was able to use some of my leftover fabrics from the aprons I made last year for some of the bags. I thought they turned out cute.  I think I might do some sort of embellishment to it before the weekend.

The yellow one is my favorite. 

The blue one is cute too, it just didn't photograph as well.

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  1. CUTE! I've been wanting to try this bag but haven't made time for it yet. But you're right - a little flower or bow or something would definitely go well on the bags!