Sunday, January 23, 2011

SYTYC Blog Spotlight

This week I'm featuring Chica and Jo from SYTYC - Season 5.  These ladies made it to the top 3.  Fantastic projects.

Chica and Jo

Hi everybody.  We are Chica and Jo!  We are family-oriented,
fun-loving women who enjoy life to the fullest, and our favorite way
to do that is through crafts.
We attribute our craftiness to our creative minds and our clever
solutions to everyday problems. Some of these solutions are quick and
easy and help us save time. Sometimes they are affordable alternatives
that save us money. Sometimes we come up with neat ways to track and
organize things in our lives, so that we can focus on the important
things. Then there are the times where we do outlandish things simply
because we can and we want to. But no matter what the purpose, the
outcome is always crafty and our friends can’t stop talking about it.
We started so that we could share our ideas with the
world, one crafter at a time.  Our mission is to inspire you. We want
to give you ideas and guidance, and maybe help you think of unusual
solutions to common problems. We want to help you use your creative
side and “wow” your friends with some clever solutions of your own.
Visit us whenever you need party ideas, recipes, kids’ crafts, wedding
projects, sewing patterns, or advice and inspiration.  Our hundreds of
free tutorials loaded with photos and video make us your ultimate
online guides for all things crafty!

Chica & Jo Crafts:


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