Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Santa Ornament

We put up our tree this past weekend and it reminded me that I need to show you the DIY Santa ornament I made last year.  I found the instructions in the 2009 Better Home & Gardens Holiday Craft magazine.  They seriously should have put this sentence in the instructions when I was contemplating making them.  **Warning, this ornament will take DAYS to make.**  I was crazy enough to make 9 of them last year.  What's wrong with me?  There are quite a few steps in making just one and then there is also the drying time for the clay to set up.  The end product is quite cute so I'd have to say it was worth all the effort.  The basic materials that make up the Santa are 2 foam balls (one small one for the head, and a half of a bigger one for the body), toothpicks for his legs, wire for his arms and clay. After I was done forming the Santa ornament, I let it dry for a few days.  Then I painted him and added a piece of fishing line for him to put up on the tree.

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