Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Kid's Art Easel

Well, I didn't make it to the next round of SYTYC.  The theme this week is winter and I should count myself lucky that I didn't have to compete this week. I'm not sure I would have been able to come up with a clever winter craft.  In this part of Texas we don't really see much of a winter.  It has been so warm that I'm in shorts today.  But for the readers that actually experience winter you should go check out the the snowman drier that is on there this week.  Fabulous idea!

Here is my last project on SYTYC.  Now I think I need to take a long nap and catch up on my sleep.  This competition wore me out.  As much as I wanted to make it all the way to the end, I have to admit that I'm secretly relieved that I don't have to stress about making a project each week.  I would have been a crazy woman especially with the upcoming holidays and the construction work that will have to be done around my house.  Yikes!  I found out that we will be needing foundation work and it's not just a little, but a huge amount.  And everyone that has come to bid the project keeps saying the same thing, "this is bad".  Not exactly the words I want to hear, but at least their honest. Okay, enough about my house. On to the art easel.

My daughter is very interested in art and anything that has to do with creativity.  I think she has seen me paint enough that she wants to be part of the fun.  I wanted to get her one of the cute wood easels, but they seem so expensive.  When the hardware theme came up I thought this was the perfect time to make an art easel for my daughter.  With some basic carpentry skills you can whip up an art easel too!

With one side of the easel as a dry erase board and the other a chalk board your child will have a blast using this art easel. 

You can find all of the materials at your local hardware store.  Check out the mud pan, it works perfectly for holding chalk and dry erase markers.

I haven't developed a tutorial on this and I always forget to take pictures while I'm doing a project, but I'm sure I could piece something together if anyone is interested in a tutorial for this project.  Let me know if you want me to put one together.  I'm still working on the fish hat tutorial and I should have it up this week.  I didn't take pictures with that project either and made a new one so I could take pictures.  Maybe I can give the fish hat away to one of my readers. 

**The tutorial is now available.  Please click on the picture below.**


  1. YES please put together a tutorial, I would really like to make one of these for Christmas!

  2. Please put a tutorial together! I hopped over here from SYTYC and I would really like to make one for my son for Christmas (or at least have it done by Easter!)

  3. I'll try and piece one together. Hopefully, I'll have it up by Monday.