Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The International Quilt Fesitval

 This past weekend my mom and I went to the International Quilt Festival while it was in Houston.  We've been going the past few years and there are always so many wonderful quilts on display.  I took pictures of my favorites and will show them to you in a minute.  Going to these shows always makes me want a new sewing machine and more time to be able to make some of these awesome quilts.  Unfortunately, I doubt a new machine will help with making a better quilt.  It did inspire me to buy some fabulous fabric to make a quilt for my living room.  What is even more wonderful about this package of fabric is that it was all color coordinated for me.  You would think this would be easy for me to pick fabrics since I'm an interior designer, but for some reason putting 10 to 12 different fabrics together can consume my day.  So, I happily picked up a packet of fabric and saved myself a trip to the store and a half a days worth of time.

Now on to the quilts. I really liked the way this one looked.  I wanted to take it home and put it in my living room.  What was cool about this quilt was the pieces of tulle that were used on it.  I noticed quite a few quilts that were using tulle to give the piece texture. 

I couldn't believe this was a quilt.  It looked like a painting on canvas.  Amazing the different techniques they have to make these unbelievable quilts.  These are by no means your grandmother's quilts.

I thought this was a fun quilt.  It looks so happy and a great color combination.

Another amazing quilt that looks like a painting.  Gorgeous!

As you can tell from my favorites they are a bit more modern.  I loved this one with it's vibrant colors and circles.

Another one quilt that I loved and wanted to take home with me.

This was a big quilt and I just loved all the flowers and the design of it. 

This has such a nice design.  It was one of the miniature quilts on display.
 As you can see I'm really drawn to the quilts with the vibrant colors. 

I'm looking forward to going back next year.  I'm hoping to take in the full experience next year and sign up for a class.


  1. I loved the colors and prints of the fabrics you chose.
    The quilt w/ the tree limbs and leaves reminds me of a painting. It looks too hard for a beginner, though.

  2. The ladies that make these quilts are amazing. They come from all around the world. I can only imagine the hours they spend in putting a quilt together. I'm not sure I could put together the tree limb quilt either. I'm more of your basic quilt kind of gal.