Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Pantry

I'm going to show you my almost completed pantry because I just can't wait any longer to show you.  This little gem used to be our bathroom, but as you remember we moved our bathroom to where the wet-bar used to be.  This room works perfectly for our pantry and since I haven't had a pantry in this house or the house before.  I'm beyond thrilled.  What I was using as my pantry were some cabinets beside my fridge that were so deep that things always seemed to go missing.

We removed all the old fixtures (cabinet, sink, toilet, vent fan, mirror, light) and started from scratch.  We built the cabinet with the purpose to house an RO System that will be fed directly through the wall to our fridge. The other side of it holds our recycling bins.

Then we have shelving built for the rest of the pantry. A new light was installed in the ceiling since our previous one was mounted on the wall. The picture below shows the shelving that was built when you turn to the right. So, I have plenty of room in there.

We moved everything in even though there are a few more things to do.  We still need to texture the ceiling where the old vent fan was located, remove the toilet water supply valve from the wall and custom built spice racks have also been promised in my future.