Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Today I had to bring a hot dish with me and unfortunately I don't have a fancy casserole carrier.  I did think about making one at some point, but that's pretty far down the list of things to do. Although, I did pin a few on pinterest today so I won't forget. I do have to say that my method for a "makeshift" casserole carrier works just fine in the meantime. Today I used two cloth napkins to transport my casserole. I just tied the ends together on both sides of the dish and slipped a second cloth napkin through and tied a knot to use as a handle.  Worked perfectly!  Just remember to double check your knots and make sure they are secure.  
I made a delicious and low-fat breakfast casserole.  I was a bit nervous since I haven't ever made it before, but it was yummy and gone by the time I went to go pick up my dish. I'll have to post the recipe soon so you can all give it a try. 


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