Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Koozie Screen Printing

We are back from our wonderful vacation.  I must say it was nice and relaxing.  There's nothing like spending the week at the beach.  I actually did complete a project while I was there.  As a favor to my sister, who knows I wouldn't do this for just anyone, I helped her screen print 20 koozies for an upcoming bachelorette weekend.
I put my Cricut to use for this one since it was a bunch of lettering.  I used freezer paper on the cricut with the shiny side up so it would stick.  Just remember when you do this, you need to mirror the lettering. That way when you iron it on to the material, it reads the right way.  I also learned that freezer paper will stick on a neoprene.  I had my doubts at first, but I just needed to heat the iron up more before it would stick.  It worked out great.  I do recommend cutting out multiple copies of freezer paper for the stencils.  I only had two copies and they were getting gummed up with paint.  Thankfully, they held out till the end and we were able to finish all twenty koozies.  It turned out to be a cute project and I hope the bachelorette party likes them. 


  1. We did a great job! I'll let you know if the bride agrees. :)

  2. We were a hit- people were very impressed.
    xo Thanks again!