Thursday, December 23, 2010

Penguin Ornament

Here is another handmade ornament that I made a few years back.  Very simple and it doesn't take nearly as long as the Santa ornament took me.

foam egg
felt (hat and mittens)
google eyes
small wood stars (feet)

Mix up the celluclay mix.  Cover the egg in the celluclay and let dry.  Once the egg is dry you can sand it where it needs smoothing and paint the penguin's body.  For the feet I used little wood stars that I cut up and painted orange.  Glue the feet to the body.  The hat and mittens are made from felt and I used a blanket stitch to give it a little more decoration. Glue the mittens and hat on to the body.  Next, I glued on the eyes and nose.  The nose is a small triangle of felt.  For the ornament hanger I used a piece of jewelry wire and a big bead that stays put once I crimped it and tied it off into the hat.  I think he's a cute little ornament.


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