Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Wrapping Presents

So, the stomach bug came to reside at our house the past few days, thus the reason there hasn't been a post in a few days.  It took everything I had to stay awake and watch after my kiddos. My husband I took shifts laying on the playroom floor watching our youngest one, while our daughter was very content watching as much TV as she possibly could.  I even busted out with the new Shrek movie which was supposed to be a Christmas present.  Anyway, we are feeling much better, on to my post. :)

I absolutely love to wrap presents and make beautiful bows to go on each of the packages.  My key to wrapping presents is double stick tape.  I hardly ever buy the regular scotch tape anymore.  I just fold over the raw edges and put a piece of double stick tape on the paper.  It gives it such a clean look and doesn't take much longer to use double stick tape.
To make the present more appealing I like to add bows, trinkets, hand-made gift tags.  There are many ways to create a special package and you can make each package unique and creative.  Here are some of the presents I wrapped for Christmas.

 A close-up of the "A" that I made with wire and beads. 

 Pom Pom out of yarn for a bow.

Simple piece of twine with some white jingle bells.


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