Monday, October 25, 2010

Window Rehab

My project was the Window Rehab last week on SYTYC.  The theme was recycled and there were some great projects.  I have to say KOJO Designs did a fabulous job making a baby carriage out of an old stroller and basket.

 I picked up this old window frame at a flea market for 3 dollars.  I just thought it was interesting and had no idea what I was going to do with it.  I wanted to find a way to reuse and incorporate it into the decor for my house.  It sat in the garage for a while until I decided that I would get stained glass to use for window panes.  You can find stained glass at some craft stores like Hobby Lobby, but if you have a stained glass supply store that would be even better.  If you go to a stained glass supply store you can get them to cut them to size for you.  I used clear silicon caulk to attach the glass to window frame.  Then I made a shelf to attach to the window frame.  Remember when  you design the shelf to make sure you don't make it too deep.  I have a small ledge on mine because I didn't want it to get bumped and end up falling off the wall. 

Next, I gave it a new coat of paint and added the knobs on the front.  Hooks would also look really nice instead of the knobs.  To finish it off I added some hanging hardware to the back of the window.  I also made sure I installed the window on a stud in the wall.  You don't want that to come crashing down in the middle of the night because it is pretty heavy.  That's all there is too it!  Now go find yourself an old wood window and start your own window rehab.



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