Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Knitted Skater Hat

I thought I'd show you the little skater hat that I knitted for my son.  I started making it when Texas had a slight cold front because I was excited that it was cooling down.  Did I jinx us or what?  Now it is a lovely 90 degrees and there is no way it is even remotely cold enough to put this hat on my little guy.  Which I guess it doesn't matter because he's at the stage where he doesn't like to wear hats.  Go figure that I slave over a hat and he doesn't want to wear it.  My husband did manage to snap a few pictures before he ripped it off his head.  Then I tried it on my daughter and even though it was snug she was able to get it on her head too.  On to the details of the project.  I found the pattern on Ravelry my favorite website to get great patterns.  It is a free pattern and is available through this blog.  It was a quick to knit up and I used some of the leftover yarn that I had from my previous project.  I just love the little brim on the hat. Here is another picture of him in the process of pulling it off his head.  Ignore the drool, it seems he's been working on getting teeth for months.

Here is my daughter modeling the hat since her brother wanted absolutely nothing to do with it. 


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