Wednesday, July 28, 2010

My Road Trip Craft

We thought it was a good idea to drive our kids 14 hours one way to my brother's wedding.  We found out that my son hates the car just as much as our daughter did when she was a baby.  I'm thinking road trips might be put on hold until he can at least be forward facing in his carseat.  The wedding was fabulous!  You'll see the beautiful outfits my mom made for my kids in an upcoming post.  ADORABLE!  
On to what I made in the car...... I decided on a knitting project.  I love that knitting is so portable and you can seriously bring it anywhere with you.  I actually get a bunch of my knitting done in the car.  Don't worry I'm always in the passenger seat while I'm knitting.  I think it helped with my sanity while I was in the car.  While I was feeling like this.....

I just kept knitting.  I made a princess hat.  It doesn't really look like one now, but it will be felted and then stand up on it's own.  I'll post what it looks like after it is felted.



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