Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Fairy Wand

Here is the tutorial on the fairy wand I made last weekend for a birthday gift.

                                                                     dowel rod

First, cut the dowel rod to the size you would like it.  I sanded down the ends so they would have a smooth edge. Then I painted the dowel rod with a design.  My daughter insisted on pink with purple hearts for her wand. 

Then I hot glued the ribbon to the end of the wand.

Next, I basted two pieces of tulle to make it ruffle. I attached the tulle to the wand with hot glue.  I glued one piece of tulle going in an upward direction and the other piece going in a downward direction.  I added a piece of ribbon between the two pieces of tulle to finish it off.


  1. cute :) might make this when my little lady gets a bit bigger :)

  2. Adorable, and a craft I think I might actually be able to pull off... if I had a glue gun. Or knew how to paint! Nope, this may be another thing Aunt Nikki has to help with when Kate is older! :)