Monday, March 5, 2012

Upcoming Project

This weekend we were playing catch up around our house in the way of home repairs.  After having our foundation done we have to go through each room and patch the cracks and paint the room.  We finally started this long process this weekend.  The first room to get the overhaul is our guest room.  I've now decided to change into my son's room.  So, of course I've been looking for inspiration and pinning it on pinterest.  So, I'm thinking an orange, gray, and a pop of blue color scheme.

I've also decided that airplanes will be be our theme.  I thought this wall art was too cute.

Here is a cute airplane quilt.  My mom is planning on making a quilt for his bed.  She made a fairy quilt for my daughter's bed.  I need to post a picture of it.  It's really cute!

I thought these fabrics were cute too with the airplanes and helicopters.

Airplane propeller hanging rack.  What a cute idea.  I think I could make something similar for his room.

More inspirational artwork for the room. 


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