Sunday, March 18, 2012

Spring Break

This past week was Spring Break for the kids and we spent the week doing fun things. So, the blog was neglected and all the projects too.  Instead we went strawberry picking at a local farm in the area, Froberg's Farm.  The kids love it and I always have a great time too.
They also have delicious fried pies.  Lily's favorite is coconut. 

Then we made a trip to the Houston Rodeo.  They had a blast checking out the animals and riding the rides.

Friendly animals or maybe just really hungry animals.  They had no problem coming up to see if you had food.

We took a ride on the carousel. 

And of course you can't leave without a ride on the Ferris Wheel.  Although, I did get a little more nervous riding it this year.  It might of been the little 2 year old who seemed to be dangerously close to the edge.  I thought I was going to have a panic attack.  

We ended spring break by running through the sprinklers at our house.

Now it's back to school we go!


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