Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween Aftermath

Well, I think we have all come off of our sugar highs in this house.  I've had to hide the candy from the kids otherwise they will devour it all in one sitting.  Although, I really need someone to hide it from me too.
I wanted to show you pictures of the kids in their costumes.  I was lucky that my daughter wanted to be Jessie since I made that costume earlier in the year for the Rodeo.  You can find the tutorial for her chaps here.  Thankfully, it all still fit her.  This just left my son's Woody costume to make.  I made the shirt and vest for the Woody costume.  The pattern I used for the shirt was Kwik Sew 3146, view C.  It turned out really cute and I used the pearl snaps on it to make it look a little more western.

The vest was pretty simple and you really don't need a pattern, but I had one on hand for a costume that included a vest so I used it. 
Here they are in their costumes from Toy Story. 


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  1. The costumes are so adorable!!! And oh my goodness your children are BEAUTIFUL!! Thanks for sharing! xoxo