Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Shell Prints

The kids and I have been doing a few crafts around the house this summer.  I hear, "Can we do a craft?" multiple times a day from my daughter.  Today we pulled out our shell collection.  I warned you that more posts would come involving shells.  This is a very easy project for the kids to do and although it can be a bit messy, they love it.
First lay out your newspaper on the table so the paint doesn't get everywhere and put an old t-shirt over the kids clothes if you don't want them messed up.  I used white cardstock for my daughter to decorate with shell prints.  She painted the shell and then pressed it onto the page.  It's good to have a mixture of sizes so you can get a really nice variation on the paper.

Here is a picture of the finished shell prints.  I think I might use mine as a scrapbook page.


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