Sunday, March 6, 2011

SYTYC Blog Spotlight

This week's SYTYC feature from Season 5 is.......

Lauren @ Creatively Crafty Baby
i am
the mother of the two cutest kids in the world… sorry… its true :)
in love with James Bond… (seriously… im married to James Bond)
a lover of music… Its as necessary as breathing.
a singer
a lazy blogger at Creatively Crafty Baby
from the ghetto of southern california, living in a town with more cows than people… and I LOVE it…
a flip flop wearing, beach loving girl living where it is winter more than half the year… But I wear my flip flops anyway… (havent gotten frostbite yet)
addicted to creating… If I go for stretches without having a creative outlet I get a little cranky.

Lauren’s Crafts:


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