Monday, April 5, 2010

Hello Kitty

My daughter loves Hello Kitty or I should say absolutely obsessed with Hello Kitty. Anytime she sees anything Hello Kitty she has to have it. She is only 3 and half. We have Hello Kitty everything....backpack, lip gloss, hair bows, coloring books, purses, shirts. I think she's up to 7 outfits that are Hello Kitty. For Easter I decided that I would knit her a Hello Kitty to put in her Easter basket. She was beyond thrilled and has been carrying it around ever since. Here is the free pattern that I found to make a Hello Kitty look alike. I added the flower to her since Hello Kitty always has a bow or flower on her head.


  1. Hi, Where did you get the free pattern from?

    Thanks Glenevis

    1. Click on this link and wait a bit and it should redirect you to the pattern. I'm not sure if they took the pattern down off their website, but it will show it if you wait a minute. If it doesn't send me your email and I will email it to you.

    2. Thank you so much, my daughter loves Hello Kitty and will love me knitting her one! Will print the pattern off and find my needles and wool! By the way, how did you knit the flower?

    3. The girls just love Hello Kitty. I found the flower off It's a knitting/crochet website and there are tons of free patterns on there and it's free to join. I don't remember exactly which one I chose, but here is a pattern for a flower in the meantime.