Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Stencils for Onesies

I've made stencils a few times for my sister for when she helps host a baby shower.  Making onesies is a fantastic group activity to do at the shower instead of the traditional games.  The stencils help everyone achieve a fabulous looking onesie and the mom-to-be is able to take home individualized momentos from each guest.
In the past I made them from freezer paper, but this requires more effort from the guests to iron them on to the onesies.  Then I made them from cardstock which works fine, but you can only re-use them for so long.  This last time I made them out of plastic and they work like a charm. 
I just added a listing to my Etsy shop with a set of 8 to make onesies for baby girls.  I should have two more listings up within the week for a boy set and gender neutral set.  
Below is a picture of two of the stencils cut out of cardstock so you can see them. 


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