Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Class Project - Cross

This year the class project is a cross.  I've been racking my brain to come up with something that we could have each child participate in the project, but be able to take it apart and give everyone the piece their child made.  I figured that way we could all pitch in to raise the money instead of one person bidding on the project and having to pay for it.  A suggestion was made to do hand prints on a canvas of a cross.  I thought maybe we could do individual canvases and make a cross.  Now it's going to be a big cross since we have 17 kids, but we are disassembling it later, so I think it will be okay.  I hope the class and school goes for it.  Here's the canvas I did this weekend with my daughter. The hand prints form a heart in the middle and I love the way the rainbow colors turned out.  My daughter couldn't decide on one color and wanted a rainbow.  

The quote I found via the internet.  It says, One hand to guide and hold. One life to shape and mold.  Each child a gift of God above.  A symbol of his strength and love. 


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