Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Bee Hive Pinata

I think you can all call me CRAZY now.  I decide to make a pinata. I know, I know, I can buy a pinata, but I really wanted a bee hive pinata. Since it's a multiple step process you don't really think about it taking up that much time.  That being said, you have to start working on it a few weeks in advance.  It's really not that hard and of course the internet has tips, tutorials and recipes on how to make a pinata.
First step, blow up a balloon.  I wanted a big pinata and bought a punch ball balloon to use.  I found a tip via Pinata boy about wrapping the balloon in newspaper and tape first before coating it with paste.  You need to check out his pinatas they are fantastic!  For the paste I used both the cooking method and the non-cooking method.  According to the internet, cooking the paste makes it stronger, but I still like the non-cook paste.  After the newspaper dried, I cut more newspaper into strips and dipped them in the paste and started layering it on after it was covered I let it dry again.  I continued this process until the pinata felt solid.

Next I painted it yellow.  To cover the newspaper print up you need to mix white paint in with the yellow. Now I began the process of gluing crepe paper on to the pinata.  I just rolled it on and glued it.  After that was done I created the fringe with my scissors and fluffed it up.

Now you are ready to fill your pinata.  Cut a U-shaped hole to fill it up with candy.  I put mine at the top and threaded string through it a the same time so I could hang it later.  I also found a tip that said to put the string through a straw so it wouldn't rip out of the pinata as easily.  Then you can tape the hole up and put crepe paper on top to cover it.
Now it's time to make the bees.  What's a bee hive without some cute bees flying around it. I created the bees from pipe cleaners.  To make the bees that look like they are flying I put an extra pipe cleaner on it and poked it right into the bee hive.  Cute, right?

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  1. How cute is this?!?! I love it! I totally want to make one now...