Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Lacy Rib Hat

We took a road trip to visit family and since it is a long drive I brought along some knitting projects.  I was able to get some knitting done when I wasn't being the referee for the kids.  I went to the yarn store before I left town with my daughter in tow, which she of course talked me into picking up yarn for her too.  This rainbow yarn caught her eye and she claims rainbow is her favorite color.  Ha!  I decided to make a hat out of it for her and found the pattern via Ravelry and it's free.  You can find it on the Yarnophiliac blog, here.  It's a wonderful pattern and knitted up easily.  I haven't done any sort of lacy type knitting and it turned out beautifully.  It also has a picot edge that I really like.

As you can see the owner of the new hat loves it too! It was a little cooler there and she was happy to have a hat to keep her warm while she climbed trees.

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