Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Fancy Nancy Pen

My crafts have turned into what my daughter's obsession is at the time.  She is on a Fancy Nancy kick right now. Fancy Nancy is the ultimate girly girl.  My daughter likes to compare what Fancy Nancy has to her own stuff.  This is how we got to this project.  Fancy Nancy writes with a pen that has a plume. Now my daughter has her own pen with a plume after this easy project.

I bought some feathers, ribbon and pens. 

First I curled the ribbon using a knife.  

Then I cut off the end of the pen so I could stick the feather inside.  Then I took the ribbon and wrapped the pen. 

Ta da! A Fancy Nancy pen any girly girl would love.


  1. That is adorable... I can see a ton of adults that would love it also.. in the kids offices instead of those flower pens (i am so tired of those.

  2. Mmm fancy, My little girl will love this pen.
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